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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to register in September?
    No, September and January start dates are most common. However, we accept registration throughout the year, depending upon availability.
  • Does my child need to be toilet trained?
    No, we do encourage children to be in the potty training process. Children are always encouraged, in a positive manner in their potty training. We ask for those who are not fully trained that a bag of extra clothing, and diapers/pull-ups be left with your child.
  • Do you accept children with special needs?
    We value the inclusion of students with special needs. The executive board, teachers and parents will work together to ensure the needs of all students are met
  • Do I have to participate within the classroom?
    No, we have limited non-participation spots available for an increased cost. Everyone is required to attend membership meetings (approx. 4) throughout the year, and hold a committee position *** Please note in classroom parent participation is suspended during the COVID-19 pandemic. We will keep families up to date of any changes in this regard***
  • What is a committee position?
    Committee positions are an integral part of the operation of the preschool. Tasks change yearly depending on the needs of the school. It may mean you bring home the school's laundry on an alternating basis, make play dough, organize fundraisers, help run a Mom-to-Mom sale, etc.
  • Can I be involved on an executive level?
    Executive positions are voted in by the co-op membership; president, vice-president, registrar, secretary, scheduler, fundraising co-ordinator and treasurer. Executive members are not required to hold a committee position, but are expected to attend executive meetings as well as membership meetings.
  • Do I need a Police Check to participate within the classroom?
    Yes, all co-operative members and their designates who plan to perform a duty day on more than 2 occasions during the school year must obtain a Record of Clearance.
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